Industry Benefits


Unique Benefits of Comensure’s GRC Software

Comensure offers pre-built, high-demand and customizable compliance frameworks that can adapt to any industry’s specific compliance needs. In addition, the easy-to-use nature of our cloud-based GRC platform means your organization can be up and running in days or weeks, rather than months.

Comensure GRC is collaborative, high-adoption regulatory compliance software perfectly suited to the industries below.


Oil & Gas

  • Easily update the GRC framework for changes and trends relevant to petroleum risk management and changing regulations in: oil and gas reserves accounting, impairments, transactions, revenue recognition, intangible assets, suspended wells and many others.
  • Real-time process monitoring makes fulfilling federal, state and international regulations straightforward and painless, while the platform adapts easily to mitigate risk and leverage opportunity in clean energy and regulatory standards from the EPA and DOL.




  • Manage complex manufacturing compliance and reporting requirements originating from the FDA, EPA and SEC, among others, using comprehensive individual accountability tools to guarantee integrity and reliability in reporting.
  • Monitor and fulfill international industry standards for manufacturing compliance such as ISO 9001, ISO 13845, IEC 61215 and IEC 61646.
  • Utilize Six Sigma—a supply chain management tool for process improvement and waste reduction.



  • Track diverse players and scattered control and compliance checks regardless of location or access point; unified, real-time tools help telecoms players comply with applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state regulatory requirements.
  • Stay ahead of changing regulatory requirements with live updates to processes as regulatory initiatives and stimulus programs target high-speed broadband/data services.



int-referral-img.pngMedicinal Cannabis and Dispensaries

  • Intuitive, effortless collaboration helps to manage compliance requirements and documentation in this highly-scrutinized and widely visible field.
  • Avoid federal investigation of marijuana-related activities by complying with a robust state regulatory scheme.
  • Avoid criminal sanctions, financial penalties, seizures and license revocation while mitigating less serious offenses through single sign-on accountability and total process awareness available anywhere, any time.