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Protect your clients, diversify revenues. Partner with a leader in internal audit, BPO, ERM and GRC software solutions and make a positive impact on your clients and your bottom line.

Comensure's partners give their clients and customers the expertise and utility they need to handle the challenges of enterprise risk management, internal audits, regulatory and operational compliance, business process optimization and more. Our cloud-based platform is a single, secure solution to ensure compliance across the entire enterprise. Comensure’s pre-built frameworks, including COSO and SOX, as well as the user’s ability to instantly deploy unique, custom compliance frameworks simultaneously and within one system, enables a strategic snapshot of all activities at any time.


Partner Program

Comensure offers a Strategic Partner Program that helps companies that work directly and peripherally within the auditing and compliance sphere to improve their client relationships while also diversifying pricing as well as creating recurring revenue streams.

Our Partner Program is designed for:

  • Professional Services and Auditing Firms
  • Technology Services Providers
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Mobile Service Providers
  • Inspector Services Providers