Technology & Security


Secure GRC Software for Enterprises

Strategic Implementation

Save time, money and manpower with the fastest deployment and best adoption in the industry.

Rapid Deployment

The intuitive and flexible design of Comensure supports a fast timeline for configuration and go-live. In some cases, our customers have been trained and gone live within one week.

Ongoing Refinement and Continuous Improvement

Deep measurement and analytics keep customers on-track. Recognize what is working (and what is not) to make strategic shifts that hold programs in compliance and keep risks mitigated.

Enterprise-Wide Rollout

Rollout compliance programs across the enterprise. Operational controls and compliance activities in every line of business help streamline efficiency, uncover waste, improve productivity and increase top-line revenue and net profit while decreasing wasteful spending. Comensure’s universal applicability allows any compliance framework, including proprietary custom methodologies, to be rapidly deployed and easily updated and maintained for a low total cost of ownership.


technology & security

Comensure provides organizations with deeper insight, accountability and security in every line of business, from finance to internal operational audits. The result is increased collaboration and insight, empowered by efficient and thorough compliance programs that deliver unparalleled visibility and awareness on the path to digital transformation.

Our platform, Comensure GRC, standardizes and automates reporting and critical, repetitive compliance assurance tasks in a single, secure solution that promotes individual and total process accountability through automatic cloud deployment.

Keep private data private. Unlike any other GRC product on the market today, Comensure guarantees complete technology security and protection of your company’s confidential data. Never compromise data security with all data transferred through strong encryptions and the ability to configure security permissions on a granular level as well as through user roles. Comensure GRC creates a safety net around your valuable data and information and ensures compliance with regulations for data privacy.