About Us


A Regulatory Compliance Software Solution to Streamline GRC Activities.

We founded Comensure to empower businesses to address the challenges and operational efficiencies around compliance. From Sarbanes-Oxley to operational processes, organizations that use our solution strengthen their enterprise risk management, internal audits, and regulatory and operational compliance checks. Industries needed flexible solutions, and our customizable frameworks and intuitive, rapidly-adopted solution fit the bill.

Comensure provides a real-time, cloud-based and collaborative platform for managing and measuring GRC activities. Fully configurable, quick to deploy and intuitive to use, Comensure GRC allows businesses of all sizes to easily and comprehensively manage and streamline complex regulatory and internal compliance and reporting requirements through a single application.


Created by
compliance professionals

Comensure GRC’s secure, scalable platform supports all critical compliance and assurance activities including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Internal Audits, Regulatory and Operational Compliance and Business Process Optimization.

Backed by AXIA Partners, Comensure’s digitally transformative GRC software serves customers in a wide range of industries, including banking, financial services, government, energy, oil and gas, healthcare and life sciences, employee benefit plans, manufacturing, high technology, telecommunications to name a few.